the ocean loves the sea (rhythmislove) wrote in rorysbookclub,
the ocean loves the sea


i'm new here, so i thought that i'd present myself : i'm 22 and i live in paris, france (so i may sometimes talk about authors/books that you don't know, although i mostly read english litterature).
my favourite books are :
on the road (jack kerouac)
the one hundred and one ways (mako yoshikawa)
through the looking glass (lewis caroll)
the scapegoat and all the malaussene series (daniel pennac)
melancholy death of oyster boy (tim burton)
the neverending story (michael ende)
loving sabotage (amélie nothomb)
the house of the spirits (isabel allende)
the rules of attraction (bret easton ellis)
le dictateur et le hamac (daniel pennac)

my favourite authors are bret easton ellis, kate atkinson, jack kerouac, truman capote, charles baudelaire, j.d. salinger, daniel pennac.

otherwise, i have a book journal here (_themadones) where i list the books that i'm reading.

voila :)
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