Shannon (zoltang) wrote in rorysbookclub,

sounds weird...

Hey, I'm Shannon, I'm new.

This is an odd question, and MODS feel free to delete if you think this is not appropriate.

I was wondering if anyone had stills from this years season of Rory's notebooks? i just remember seeing a picture a while back and thinking "thats a really cute scheme!" , so with the new semester coming up, i figured i would get organized again.

or if you guys know of another community i should post to instead of here, please let me know.

thank you!!
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check roryclothes, i think i posted a still in there because i liked the color scheme of her notebooks, haha.
so i'm not the only person who noticed!!

thank you!!
Aren't they playing re-runs until the 23rd?
They could play that episode again?
yeah, they might! i'll check it out. thanks!